The Big Build

The Trustees of Bradfield Village Hall have commissioned a scale model of their proposed new village hall, from LEGO®! The builders are engineer Karen, who used to work at Legoland Windsor and her budding 7-year-old son, Caleb. The model was unveiled at the Christmas Market in November 2022. Before you can see the progress of the build prior to the unveiling, we will be showing the progress of the big build.

Here’s day 1 with the Lego delivery and the start of the build.

The Big Build

Day 2: The build is progressing well. The best bit of today was when the teapot arrived. We all know that construction is fuelled by tea breaks and this giant teapot is perfect.

Anyone for tea?

Day 3: Whilst engineering mum, Karen, has done the design work, planning and ordering of hundreds of Lego bricks, 7-year-old Caleb has been in charge of the design decisions and the most important task of building the scale village hall from LEGO®. The model has been built at a scale of 1:50, which is the scale of a Lego minifigure (50 times smaller than the average person!). This was the first key decision made by Caleb. He wanted the Minifigs to be able to enjoy using their new village hall. 

Caleb hard at work, taking into account the scale required to make this village hall perfect for every Minifig.

Day 4: Design changes are common on every construction site. This one is no different. Engineering mum had ordered some lights for the build, but Caleb wasn’t happy with the ones she ordered, so designed a much better lighting system. It was then up to the electrical engineers to make the changes.

How many engineers does it take to change all the outside lights?

Just 3 apparently; one with a plan, one with a brew and the 3rd to do the work!

Day 5: It’s been a busy day preparing for the unveiling tomorrow.

Father Christmas popped in for a quick meeting in the new Committee Room, during which his reindeer found a friendly response at the bar, coming away with a box of carrots!

Tea & coffee are being served in the main hall and the shower has been tested. Let’s hope he brought a towel!

Day 6: The Big Build is revealed!

Dedicated to Jimmy Balsdon, MBE.
Our every own Master Builder Caleb, with his model.

The Greenham Trust will match any donations, so if you would like to donate towards building the real-life hall, visit Providing New Facilities for all the Community – Village Hall, Playground, MUGA and Site Improvements (

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching the village hall come to life in LEGO. You will be able to see it again at many of the upcoming events at the village hall, so check out our events page for more information and please support the “real” build if you can.

Thank you!

Caleb & Karen