Time for Change – July 2019 update

Since submitting our plans in October 2018, we have been in discussions with the planner and have made some amendments to the proposals put forward at that time.

+ The biggest change is the shape of the roof. We have changed it to a ‘mansard’ roof. This is 1.4m lower than that initially proposed but still high enough to accommodate the height required for a social badminton court.

+ The building position is now 1.5m further away from the boundary with New Way houses.

+ The MUGA is now 4m away from the Cock Lane boundary.

+ Inside the Hall, an addition of a changing room with showers is proposed.

+ An acoustic fence is proposed on the Cock Lane boundary to reduce the impact of any noise from the playground and MUGA.

+ The car park on site of the current court is proposed to be a green surface, to lessen the visual impact of tarmacked area.

Many of the planning documents that have been submitted are also available here.

We have taken considerable time to review earlier plans. We have listened to all comments, suggestions and advice from the planners, local people and hall users. Naturally there are different ways our aims could be fulfilled. However we feel that the plans we have now submitted satisfy the myriad requirements of the local community – not only of the Village Hall, playground and MUGA, but also of the shop, school parking, dog walkers, library van, large vehicles/buses manoeuvring and everyone else who uses the site daily.

Bradfield Village Hall Management Committee